Mix Engineer Experience And Tuition

Hands on sound and mixing engineer experience

The Mix Engineer experience gift package range are designed for those who have often wondered what all those knobs and sliders do in a recording studio! Whether you are a student of audio production and budding sound engineer already or if you are merely inquisitive these sessions can be adapted for you. The packages are designed to be modular so you can either pick one or two in the area that interests you or you can purchase all four which will give you a broad overview of the recording and production process. These sound engineer experiences can be quite technical in nature so please mention when booking your session if you want the less technical overview and we will adapt to suit. If you purchase the Total Engineer pack, or if you complete all four modules independantly, we will give you a certificate to say you completed 2 days work experience at Broadwood Studio!

The modules do not have to be taken in order but we suggest that you would consider the order as we gear up around this. All modules are a mix of theoretical and hands on. If you are really not very technical then please let us know and we will give you as much hands on as possible. Throughout modules 2, 3 and 4 the engineer will play instruments while you record them under his direction and in module 4 the recorded song will be mixed by you and burnt to Cd for you to keep!

Module 1 - Sound Recording Basics

This will give you a basic introduction and overview of the recording process and sound engineering experience. For the technically minded we will discuss the signal chain, give you and overview off effects and tools such as EQ and Compression, explain the mixing desk and routing and introduce the computer recording concept.

Module 2 - Microphone Recording Techniques

This module covers the various types of microphone and mic placement when recording. The technical coverage will include polar patterns of the various mics and different techniques to minimise phase problems, absolutely vital knowledge for any sound engineer.

Module 3 - Computer Based Recording And Logic Audio

This module introduces using computer software for recording. Broadwood studio uses Logic Audio Pro and the various techniques will be shown on that but the points discussed can easily be translated to the other software DAW's (Digital Audio Workstations) such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Cakewalk etc. No previous knowledge of DAW's are required for this mixing engineer experience

Module 4 - Mixing And Effects

The final module covers the various effects and what they bring to the mix. You will use all the various things learnt in the previous modules and apply them to a real song that you will mix yourself with the help of the resident mixing engineer.

The Mix Engineer Experience Gift Range

  • Mixing Engineer - Module 1 - Sound Recording Basics - 4hrs £99.99
  • ............... - Module 2 - Microphone Recording Techniques £99.99
  • ............... - Module 3 - Computer Based Recording And Logic Audio£99.99
  • ............... - Module 4 - Mixing And Effects£99.99
  • Mixing Engineer - Total Engineer - Modules 1 to 4£369.99

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