Obtaining Karaoke Backing Tracks For Your Recording Session

For the recipients of our Karaoke Singer and our Superstar Singer recording packages here is some information on obtaining backing tracks for your session.

If you have already had a look at our Preparing for Your Recording Session page you will already know that, although there is no requirement to provide your own backing track, it would be beneficial to you to obtain the track you want to practice to beforehand. If you are not too bothered about practicing beforehand, or you simply do not have computer access or literacy to find and download the songs, we will gladly download them here at the studio for you on the day.

Most backing tracks are readily available online through a number of sellers and often via the manufacturers own website. Quite often, a simple internet search for the title of the backing track of your choice followed by the word backing track or karaoke will yield many results from websites that have the track that you want. Prices vary between the various manufacturers as does the quality of the actual song so it pays to have a listen to at least part of the track before you commit to purchasing.

There is an easy way to do it though. Apples iTunes online store actually contains almost all of the most popularly requested backing tracks for a single price of 79p. Simply search for the song title or artist of your choice with backing track or karaoke after it and a list will come up of all the backing tracks from the different manufacturers where you can have a listen to a portion of each track to see if it is suitable for you.

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