Karaoke Singer Experience

Karaoke singing experience gift days for all ages and abilities. The ideal karaoke singer gift experience

The Karaoke Singer experience gift packages are ideal gifts for those who like to let their hair down at Friday's Karaoke night down at the local, or, basically for anyone who likes to sing for fun. There is no age limit to this fantastic karaoke singing gift experience! From up and coming youngsters taking their first tentative steps in exploring their voices to the pensioner wishing to take a walk down memory lane, we have the experience day for you! Never sung before but would just like to have a go? Then this is the experience for you! 

What To Expect On Your Karaoke Singer Session

From the time you enter our recording studio you will soon see that you can put all your fears aside. Our friendly engineer will soon put you at ease and will explain what will happen during your recording session. The first job will be to either obtain the backing tracks for your session, or, if you already have them with you, he will load them on to his system. The engineer will then run through the songs with to make sure you are happy with the backing track and also to make sure you know what to do regarding timing and pitch during your performance. when you are both happy to proceed the engineer will introduce you to the vocal booth where you will perform the songs. You will then do a couple of dry run throughs so the engineer can set the recording levels and also this helps to get the first time nerves out of the way. Finally you will perform two or three run throughs of each song and the engineer will then use the best performance to use for the final CD.

The Karaoke Singer package allows for one free CD master of your session. You may purchase extra printed Cd copies on the day (up to 15 copies) at £2 each disc. Also, or as an alternative, digital MP3 versions can be emailed to you or downloaded to a USB disc or thumb drive provided by the artiste free of charge.

The Karaoke Experience Gift Range

KSG1 - One song version 

(allow approx 1hr)


KSG2 - Two song version

(allow approx 1.5 hrs) 


KSG3 - Three song version

(allow approx 2hrs)


KSG4 - Four song version

(allow approx 2.5hrs)


All our Experience Gifts are available for sale by clicking the link below and can be purchased securely via credit card or paypal. please contact us if you wish to pay via other means such as BACS or cheque.

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