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If you can see your way past the title of this pack you will see that The Rockstar Band experience gift package range can be very beneficial to any up and coming band who want to get their name out there! We have thought long and hard as to what to offer and decided that bands need to do one of two things. Firstly, most bands normally need a two or three song demo Cd to hand to pubs and clubs in order to get gigs for the band, or to send to record companies to chase that elusive record deal. The other thing a band may want to do would be to release a single in their own right. Obviously the single would need to be recorded and produced to a very high standard to make it a viable proposition. This is where this pack comes in! 

Guitarist and drummer performing on their Rockstar Band  Experience Gift day.

The options currently give you two days in the studio to either do a three song demo or fully produce one song you could release as a single. There is also an option for a three song demo pack which will give the band 50 printed Cd's to give out.

What To Expect On Your Rockstar Band Session

We recommend that you email details of your band setup and requirements beforehand so the engineer can assess how he needs to conduct the session. Basically the band will turn up and set up their gear at the direction of the engineer. Dependant on the pack type the band can perform all together or each layer can be overdubbed to get the best performances. Once the track laying has been completed, the engineer will then proceed to mix and produce the song songs to get the best possible result. these packs can be made flexible in as much as, if you want to spend more time to get the actual performances, the two days recording time can be used to just do the track recording session and extra time can be purchased to complete the mixing and production process. If you want to consider this as an option this can be discussed with the engineer on the first day of your session and subsequent hours are charged at a fixed £30 per hour rate.

Once the performance has been captured the next step is for the engineer to mix and produce the finished result using some of his arsenal of effects and tools. The result is then burnt to the master CD ready to be duplicated and printed. The Rockstar Band package allows for one free CD per band member. You may purchase extra printed Cd copies on the day (up to 15 copies) at £2.50 each disc. If you are wishing to have a large batch of Cd's to send out as demo we do a special Rockstar Band Demo package which gives you 50 printed Cd's included in the package price. Cd duplication and packaging can also be arranged as an optional extra. Please email us for details. Also, or as an alternative, digital MP3 versions can be emailed to you or downloaded to a USB disc or thumb drive provided by the artiste free of charge.

The Rockstar Band Gift Range

RSB1- 2 day CD single version 

(Allow approx 8hrs per day)


RSB2 - 2 day 3 song version

RSB1D - 2 day CD single *DEMO* version 

RSB2D - 2 day CD single *DEMO* version 

(Allow approx 8hrs per day)

(Allow approx 8hrs per day plus 50 CD’s)

(Allow approx 8hrs per day plus 50 CD’s)




All our Experience Gifts are available for sale by clicking the link below and can be purchased securely via credit card or paypal. please contact us if you wish to pay via other means such as BACS or cheque.

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