Experience Gift Packs and Email Vouchers

DVD style giftpack for the Studio Experience Gift range.

Each pack contains a blank thermal printed CD in an attractive dvd style case, complete with a voucher with a unique number and an info sheet to assist you in booking your day. The CD will be handed in to the engineer on the day who will replace it with a personalised printed CD together with the recording of your performances. This personalised CD is yours to keep - forever a reminder of an unforgettable experience coupled with a great sense of achievement. Some packs come with the option of extra Cd's but, if you are especially pleased with your superb recording, you may wish to purchase extra copies of the CD on the day. The length of time for a session depends on the gift pack type and number of songs. For example, the Karaoke Singer experience gift pack can be between 1 to 4 songs, each song corresponding to roughly 45mins studio time leaving about half hour to 45mins for mixing and burning your completed CD.

Experience Gift Vouchers Via Email

Don't want to wait for a gift pack to be delivered? We now offer gift vouchers for your chosen experience via email. When you click the purchase button you will be taken to our online shop where you will be given the option to purchase email gift vouchers or gift packs. We endeavour to ensure the email vouchers arrive the same working day. They work in the same way as the gift packs. You are emailed the voucher, terms and conditions and studio directions and, on the experience day, you receive the personalised CD with the option of purchasing extra copies.

All our Experience Gifts are available for sale by clicking the link below and can be purchased securely via credit card or paypal. please contact us if you wish to pay via other means such as BACS or cheque.

Clients Comments

"Thanks Nick for making Jen Morgan's experience so memorable today! We were all so proud of her and to see the smile on her face and the boost to her confidence was awesome!!.." 

..... Julie Morgan

"Thank you for the amazing experience you were really kind and patient and I will definitely be back for sure!! Thanks .." 

..... Amber Pegden

"Stevie-Ray and the Ray Bans" had a fantastic day's recording on 25 Sept. Many thanks to Nick for the hosting, recording/production, encouragement, wise words and even tea making. A great day out.."

..... Steve Barnes

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