Superstar Singer Experience Gift

Girl singing into a professional microphone on a studio experience day session.

Looking for gifts for professional singers? Geared towards the more serious singers The Superstar Singer Experience gift package range is aimed at helping the artist get the best possible performance and production so the final result ends up as polished and professional as possible. The main difference between the Superstar Singer and Karaoke Singer packages is that more time is given for the session to allow the possibilities of giving coaching where required, multiple takes, track editing and allow more time to fully produce the song by using state of the art audio editing tools such as Melodyne (basically a professional autotune tool) to really add polish to final performances. 

Professional Singing Gift

Most pro and experienced singers have seen the inside of a recording studio before and know what to expect but they will still benefit from a professional recording session like this. They can use the finished product as a demo to promote gigs or they can even aim to release their songs on some of the digital distribution platforms. They will already have the knowhow and skillset to be prepared and rehearsed so they can get the most out of the limited time available.

What To Expect On Your Superstar Singing Gift Session

The first part of your session is basically the same as the karaoke experience with regards to setting up. We then run through the songs you have chosen to warm up during which the engineer will offer advice and coaching to get the best possible performance out of you. it is also at this point the engineer will assess the best way to proceed with your session. It is true to say that there is no set way to approach a recording. It is largely dependent upon the ability and confidence of the performer as to how the session is handled. Very few singers (even pro singers) can deliver a perfect performance in one full take so it is up to the engineer to decide whether to do a complete take, perform just verse then chorus or even phrase by phrase. Whichever method is used there is no pressure on the performer as multiple takes can be taken and edited together to make a complete take. 

Once the performance has been captured the next step is for the engineer to mix and produce the finished result using some of his arsenal of effects and tools. The result is then burnt to the master CD ready to be duplicated and printed. 

This professional singing experience package allows for one free CD master of your session. You may purchase extra printed Cd copies on the day (up to 15 copies) at £2.50 each disc. Also, or as an alternative, digital MP3 versions can be emailed to you or downloaded to a USB disc or thumb drive provided by the artiste free of charge. If you are wishing to have a large batch of Cd's to send out as demo we do a special Superstar Singer Demo package which gives you 50 printed Cd's included in the package price.

The Superstar Experience Gift Range

SSG1- 1 song version 

SSG2 - 2 song version

SSG3 - 3 song version

SSG3D - 3 song *DEMO* version

(Allow approx 1.5hrs)

 (Allow approx 2.5hrs )                                                   

(Approx 3.5hrs per day)

(Approx 3.5rs plus 50CD’s)





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