Preparing For Your Recording Session

All of our Studio Experiences such as our Karaoke Singer experience are intended to be a fun experience. However in the case of our other experiences such as our Superstar Singer or our Singer Songwriter packages, the recipient may feel the need to take their recording session a little more seriously.

We've all heard that old studio saying "Time is money" haven't we? In the case of the experience packages your studio time has been paid for but your studio time will appear to go very quickly so it is best to be prepared to make the most of your day. For those of you who wish to take your session seriously, either to use as a demo to hand out to get gigs and give to record companies or simply to get your recording as good as you can get it, we have given you a few pointers here to help you get the very best out of your Studio Experience Gift Session.

Preparing for Karaoke And Superstar Sessions

Although the Karaoke sessions are geared towards fun very good results can be achieved with the preparation steps that follow. Recipients of the Superstar Singer Sessions should take these steps as a matter of course.. after all.. the whole point of this package is to get the most professional result possible.

Choose your songs carefully!

If you are singing for fun you will choose your favourite songs. No problem there! If you want to be more professional choosing the right song for your voice and ability is essential. Your vocal range and tonal characteristics all matter to add to the realism of the performance.

Get your backing tracks.

Again, if you are singing for fun you don't have to do this, we will obtain the tracks for you. For pro results though, get the backing track you are happy with beforehand and familiarise yourself with it. A racing car driver cannot win a race unless they memorise every turn of the track!

Download and print lyrics

Even if you think you know a song inside out it doesn't hurt to have printed lyrics in front of you to use as a prompt. Print them out and order on the page so the flow of the song is easily recognisable. Remember tho, when obtaining lyrics from the internet often the lyrics are not quite correct so go through them with the original song to check.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice to the track you are familiar with. Even go as far as recording yourself against the backing track on a mobile device just to see if your timing and pitch is right. It can't hurt can it?

Sing to your backing track in front of people

A lot of the first part of your session may be taken up by getting rid of nerves. most of these nerves may be due to never having sung in front of anyone before. Try it! Also you can get some valuable feedback from someone you trust.

Preparing for Singer/Songwriter And Rockstar Band Sessions

Much of the above mentioned tips hold true for these packages with the difference that they are normally clients own compositions or are band orientated. Here are some tips for these sessions.

Bring everything required for your session

This includes lyrics, files, instruments, spare strings. You'd be suprised how often an important item gets left at home.

Know what you want to achieve in the timescale you have

Most of the songwriter sessions are either 4 or 8 hrs. It sounds like a lot of time but it depends on what you want to get from your studio session. You maybe a songwriter who just wants to notepad a catalogue of songs to get them down or you may just want to get one or two songs recorded and produced properly. Remember to think of things like adding other instruments etc and the time it will take to do this. for example it would not be possible to fully produce a number of songs to a high standard in four hours!

Have your songs organised and structured beforehand.

This is a difficult one as a lot of good recordings are made by experimentation in the studio but it definitely won't hurt to have the bones of your song structured and parts rehearsed before the session to save time to get on with what needs to be done.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Bring some examples

Have I mentioned this before? A lot of time can be wasted by practicing the part you want to record on the day of your session? Hey, it doesn't matter to me, it's your session ;0)

The best way to get over to the engineer what you want to achieve is by bringing samples of songs you want to sound like, or if you are lucky enough to have your own recording equipment, bring in a rough copy of the songs you want to record so the engineer can get an idea of what you want. Sometimes, it may also benefit to record some of the parts at home to bring in and I can incorporate tyour parts into the recordings we make on the day.

These comments are only meant as guides for the more serious performers and if fun is your main priority on the day feel free to completely ignore them. 


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