Superstar Singer Experience

Professional Singing Experience Gifts.

We tag this as our professional experience gift pack and is aimed at the more serious singer! That's not to say you cannot have fun while doing this experience but it essentially means more time is taken to get the best possible performance and use production techniques to give you the best possible finished result. Use this studio experience gift to produce that great sounding demo!

Singer Songwriter Experience

Singer Songwriter Experience days. turn your musical ideas into reality

Whether you are an accomplished singer/songwriter already or whether you just have a few lyrics noted down with no idea how to turn them into a finished song this studio experience gift is for you! If you require it we will assist you every step of the way to get your song ideas into reality by providing the instruments and abilities to make your song happen. If you already have polished ideas then we are your tools to get them down!

Rockstar Band Experience

Rockstar band experience days. get your band a recording session

Forgive the title of this experience pack range - we had to call it something! This range of experience days cater for full band recording. Amateur and professional bands alike are given the same treatment and production values to get the bands songs down on to CD, maybe to hand around the pubs to get gigs or to give to record companies to chase that elusive record deal!

Mix Engineer Experience

Mixing Engineer Experience days

A surprisingly popular gift experience day that aims to help people understands the inner workings of the recording studio. Caters for those who have no idea at all and just want an insight into how it all works and also caters for the more advanced students or home recording enthusiasts who are looking to gain more in- depth knowledge about the recording process.

Karaoke Singer Experience

Karaoke Singer Experience Gift Day

The entry level studio gift that caters for amateurs and people who sing for fun! Who can resist getting up on the mic on a Saturday night at your favourite karaoke bar but how often do you get to hear the results of your superb performance? With this experience day you can sing along to a backing track of your favourite song and keep it to play to friends and family for evermore!

The Studio Gift Experiences Range

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